Heliotrope Garden Design is an award-winning firm based in Minnesota, focusing on garden design, installation, & stewardship.

No brainer, simple answer. The thoughtful placement of plants into compelling arrangements is an art, not a gift. Subtle or bold, dramatic or rhythmic, shedding relief or building stimulus, it is an outdoor reflection of your personality for the world to see. Your emotions enhance the experience; your pleasure follows your vision, distilled with Heliotrope’s expertise. ‘Why’? is not the question; ‘just do’—that’s what we mean by design. “Nobody sees a flower, really—it is so small—we haven’t time, and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time,” so said Georgia O’Keefe. Simply put, a design is the tract from which our thoughts become reality. Who can see the vision without first plotting pencil to paper, or mouse to monitor? In the process, adding the human element absolves uncertainty, error, even chaos. Mistakes may be refined—human, remember?? The gist of focused sight, feeling, sound and fragrance demands a well-constructed plan. So begins the investment: no plan, no guidance, no road to follow. The first step is to know with certainty where you are going. Design by Heliotrope? Yes, absolutely. Skimping on design is like a song without lyrics, a play with bad lighting. And just so you know, our group isn’t employed by a retail nursery, we don’t run a restaurant/coffee shop, or dabble in real estate, so a design by us does not follow the tired track of including only the plants that a particular company happens to have in stock. This is a good thing, believe it or not.

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